When you think of decorating a bathroom, few people think of colorful things. Use colors to bring new energy to that part of the home.

They say that choosing neutral colors as the basic base for decorating your home is the safest choice, because by changing the details you can introduce new things into it. However, there are those for whom color in the interior gives them the necessary energy.

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We have an ingenious proposal for such. Bring colors into your bathroom.

Natural is in trend – let it be green!

When you think of nature, the first color that comes to mind is green . It is a refreshing and calm color that relieves stress and helps in healing.

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This color has been declared the color of the season for the past few years. Whether it’s her dull shade…


…. or a bright green version. The sanitary ware for the bathroom is also available in this color.

green-sanitary-porcelanosa-abc-interior-home square

Ideas for the brave

pastel-pink-color-bathroom-porcelainosa-abc-interior-home square
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Sanitary ware for bathrooms today is really available in all colors. And also in the popular pastel pink color.

orange-furniture-edone-abc-interior-home square
Photo: Edone

Some will still opt for classic white. But that’s why the furniture can be colored. By choosing orange, you will bring a completely new energy to the bathroom.

orange-color-furniture-edone-abc-interior-home square
Photo: Edone

Blue color of bathroom – the color of safety

Photo: Noken

Blue color lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate and breathing. That is why it is an ideal choice for the bedroom and bathroom, that is, rooms used for resting or meditation.

blue-sinks-edone-abc-interior-home square
Photo: Edone

You can find bathroom furniture in blue, but also sinks. You can find sanitary ware and bathroom furniture in color in Houses Prefab.

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