The Company


We are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the larger community. Safety is built into our operations, practices, and materials choices and designs.

Golden rule

It’s a simple, but powerful concept: we treat our clients, suppliers, partners, and each other the way we want to be treated—with empathy, respect, and integrity.

Great Support

Plant’s design and building practices and processes are honed to deliver the highest quality results for our customers: a beautifully-designed, sustainably-built, durable home.

Entrepreneurship with a sense of family since 110 years

Looking back on the company’s history that spans well over a century, it is striking how HOUSES PREFAB have always challenged traditional build methods – advancing technologies without sacrificing the charm and character of treasured architectural styles. In the early 1973s HOUSES PREFAB developed the technique of producing iconic timber and glass architecture off-site and revolutionised the classical timber frame construction industry. Today, the company is led by the fourth generation of the Huf family and has established itself as the European market leader for modern post-and-beam homes. HOUSES PREFAB the Original: often imitated but never outdone in quality and individuality.

Your project is in good hands
If you are looking for a reliable partner to build a house, one of the most important life decisions, you will be in good hands with HOUSES PREFAB!

The name HOUSES PREFAB represents the aspiration and commitment of a family that has been placing equal emphasis on commercial strength and stability as on managers and employees taking responsibility for the continuity of the business. This sharing and constructive approach creates the motivation for exceptional performance. Our carefully selected suppliers are not “sub-contractors” but equal partners who are actively involved in the continuous improvement of the HOUSES PREFAB