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Everyone who went through the process of planning the construction of a family house knows that they recalculated several times and tried to anticipate all possible costs, but also that in accordance with the available budget, they had to make certain “cuts”. In other words, as with any planning, the most important thing is to be rational and single out those items that are necessary compared to those that would be nice to have in your house.


If you already own the land, you can skip this part. However, if you are starting from the beginning, you first need to find an adequate plot. In addition to the micro location, which is important to every customer, it is necessary to consider other details. Believe it or not, this is the first step that can save you a lot of money.

The first item to pay attention to is whether individual housing construction is planned on the plot whose purchase you are considering. This is a prerequisite that ensures that you will not have problems later in obtaining location conditions and building permits.

Next, pay attention to the terrain. You try to choose a plot that is flat and whose land is not problematic for excavating the foundation. The slope of the plot greatly affects the cost of making the foundation, and thus reflects on the total cost of building a house. The situation is exactly the same if there are stones on the plot that make excavation difficult, and thus the costs increase from the very beginning.

Check whether the water, electricity and sewage have passed the plot whose purchase you are considering, ie whether the plot has all the infrastructure necessary for the functioning of one home.
It would be ideal to find a plot on which there was already an old building, which is for demolition or has already been demolished.

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How does this affect costs?

If there was an old building of, say, 100 square meters on the plot, and you are planning a house of 120 square meters – you will pay for communal equipment only for the difference in square footage, or in this example, only for 20 square meters. The fee for the costs of communal equipment varies from municipality to municipality, and also depends on the urban zone, purpose and area of ​​the facility.


Everyone who wants to live in a house, wants a lot of space where there will be room for everyone, so the basement is an indispensable part of planning for future owners. The basement, since it is below ground level, according to the law must be built of reinforced concrete and involves significant investments, and very significantly affects the price of the house. So, before you decide that your new house must have a basement, ask yourself is it really so?
If you want the basement for winter storage, you can provide a storage room that will be an additional room on the level of all other rooms in the house and have a supply of cold air from the outside in the winter months. During the rest of the year, you can use this room as a classic pantry.


Thermal insulation of the house is one of the important items on which you should not save. In fact, if the building is well insulated, your future house will save for you during the decades of living in it.
Today, there are many options for thermal insulation, but our advice is to choose a building material with thermal insulation properties such as Ytong. Although at the very beginning it is a bit more expensive than a classic masonry block, you solve two issues at the same time – construction and thermal insulation. In practice, this means that you will not have to look for masters twice and pay per diems.
In addition to its exceptional thermal properties, Ytong has other advantages such as 2.5 times faster construction. Thanks to the size of Ytong blocks and white thin-layer plaster, there is no need for a mixer and classic plaster, material waste is reduced to a minimum, the construction site is clean, and construction is completed twice as fast.
In addition to good thermal insulation of the walls, it is very important to choose good carpentry. Windows and doors are the places of the greatest loss of energy and that is why it is important to be of high quality in order to achieve good sealing of the space.


Of course, as a future homeowner, it is important for your home to be visually beautiful. However, if you are limited by finances, always opt for a simpler roof. The more attractive and “broken” the roof, the larger its area, and therefore the price. The roof is a significant item in the construction of the house and can significantly affect the total construction costs. So, if you want to save money, decide on a house project with a classic roof.


In addition to the usual negotiations with the masters and taking more than one offer, the choice of finishing materials can bring you significant savings at this stage. When choosing materials for craft work, you should not go to the detriment of quality, but you will save if you choose materials of domestic production instead of imported ones. Specifically on the example of the bathroom, domestic ceramics are much cheaper than, say, Spanish or Italian.
If your house is a larger area, the choice of floor coverings can significantly affect the overall cost. The possibilities of choosing floor coverings are really great, so analyze and carefully approach the choice of flooring for your new house.
You can successfully save money on all the things that seem negligible, and in fact they are not, when you calculate at the level of the whole house. Therefore, our advice is that although it is more comfortable, do not buy everything in one place, but further research and choose the most favorable option.

We hope that we have brought you at least a little closer to the most important segments that affect the final cost of building your family home. Of course, not every future owner will be able to take into account and apply all of the above, but during the construction of the house, every saving is important and can make a significant difference in total costs.

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