Designing a beautiful kitchen is vital for many reasons, including the fact that we spend a lot of time in it with our loved ones, be it cooking, eating or even working. In addition, a well-designed kitchen can also increase the resale value of your home.
While all-white, farmhouse-style kitchens have been in fashion for a while (due to the pandemic or supply chain issues), homeowners, designers and developers are finally seeing a shift in kitchen design. Features that were once considered essential are now obsolete. Based on the insights of experts and interior designers, here are twelve kitchen design trends that will go out of style in 2023.

White Kitchens

According to real estate agent Lori Levine Harris of Brock and Lori in Los Angeles, the all-white trend is losing traction. For the past decade, white walls, white tile and Carrara marble have been the norm, but now people are looking for more color and designers are eagerly converting it.

white kitchen

Most designers agree that all-white kitchens will look dated by 2023, but the question remains: what color will replace white? The answer is not easy. Alice Arterberry and Barrett Cooke of Arterberry Cooke predict that the latest kitchens will feature two or three contrasting but complementary hues.They believe that monochromatic kitchens lack depth and visual interest, and that complementary hues can enhance an area while remaining timeless.

Interior designer Kirsten Blazek of a1000xBetter thinks dark wood furniture is making a comeback. White oak cabinets have dominated kitchen design for many years, but Blazek believes that era is coming to an end and we will start to see more saturated palettes in kitchen design. In addition, the linear cabinet in dark brown is timeless and can be combined with many other great surfaces.

Open Kitchen

Open kitchens are a much discussed topic in the world of design, especially in the context of an open space.While some find it convenient, many homeowners are fed up with this design choice, especially in the post-pandemic world. According to Harris, his customers are now demanding that the kitchen walls be closed.

Families in particular no longer want to see dirty dishes or cereal boxes when eating or entertaining guests. As a result, some homeowners with open floor plans build walls to separate kitchens from dining areas. A more traditional style returns, with kitchens, dining and living rooms divided into sections, allowing owners to create unique spaces.

Matte Black Kitchen Style

While matte black hardware was a popular choice in 2022, it is expected to become less prevalent in 2023. According to interior kitchen designer Sara Weichel of Swike, the trend’s decline can be attributed to “flippers.” Weichel herself was never a fan of the look, but acknowledges that some people appreciate its minimalist aesthetic and darker tones for a more stylish appearance.

For those seeking an alternative to matte black hardware, Weichel suggests considering oil-rubbed bronze for a more modern appearance. In addition, she anticipates that polished nickel and chrome will be increasingly popular choices for hardware in the upcoming year.

Upper Cabinetry

The date of the standard upper close cabinet is beginning to decline and will be replaced by the open shelf. Sapna Aggarwal from Bungalowe told me: “The upper cabinets are disappearing. Beautifully styled open shelves that will last forever. Getting rid of top cabinets is a great way to save money and give your personality an opportunity to show off your personality by creating beautiful textures.

But doing it right also means keeping it edited and neat.“Our customers love to hide everything from dishes to appliances. Gone are the days of ceramics and cookbooks – clean, minimalist looks are all that’s in vogue. Cookbooks belong in the pantry, and appliances are tucked away in cabinets for a streamlined, streamlined look,” Harris said.

Kitchen with Carrera Marble Countertop

Kitchen with Carrera Marble Countertop

Carrera marble has been a popular choice for many years, but it’s becoming overused and may lose its appeal in 2023. According to Peacock, there are better alternatives out there. She believes that classic Carrera marble has changed so much that it’s difficult to find a good slab. While it can be a budget-friendly option, it may not be as beautiful as other white marbles available. Peacock suggests exploring other white marble options that may be more expensive but offer a more unique and timeless look.

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