container homes construction

“Container Homes” One will surely come across this word when she/he is browsing anything related to Eco-Friendly homes or Prefab Homes. They are one of the most widely present forms of modern Eco/Green Homes.

They are used to transport goods and are now used as a resource for construction through recycling or reuse.

Container Homes is really Eco-Friendly?

Container homes encourage the recycle and reuse of containers previously used for transportation of goods which are no more in use and hence promotes to preserve the metal resources. Hence there is a perception that container homes are contributing to conserve the environment and its resources

Are Container Homes Flexible in design?

Steel Containers give inflexibility to make houses of colorful shapes and sizes. While one or two shipping Containers are used for small houses we can use eight to ten holders to make a introductory apartment. This process also gives the advantage of inflexibility in design depending on the creativity of the fabric design.

What are these Mobile Homes?

Container homes also give inflexibility in transportation and relocation of entire homes in case needed.

Since they aren’t concreted to the ground and are principally assembled on the point grounded on the armature design and also grease this capability to disassemble the holders and assemble at a new point giving the name Mobile/ Movable Homes.

How affordable is it compared to Traditional Homes?

Implicit Home buyers are searching for lower construction and conservation costs with no concession on quality and of course the aesthetics part of it i.e. Design of their house.

This is a home for people who want to save the environment and also support the goal of less good nature.

I’ll leave a link below to one of similar home builders who are settlers in Prefab Construction and Green Building results –Houses Prefab, a Bangalore grounded Company.

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